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Movie Blogs are all about personality. It's what separates them from traditional entertainment journalism.

Even in the personal blog format we know extremely little about the people who create and write for them.

Currently, the history of the movie blog industry is recorded in short about pages, Wikipedia entries, brief interviews, and ephemeral tweets. There are many unrecorded or unarchived stories and events in this industry that will be lost in time.

Movie Blog Movie will be a feature length documentary in the style of Indie Game: The Movie, Pumping Iron, and Side by Side. It will also be an ongoing project to record the oral history of the movie blog industry.

MBM will educate and inform about how the industry works and its history. The main focus of the film will be on the personal stories of the first generation of movie bloggers who started within 1995-2005, covering topics like how they started their sites, what motivates them to write, how entertainment reporting has evolved, and more.

Directors, actors, producers, and younger sites will also participate as "talking heads" speaking about the influence of the first generation.

People committed to MBM so far:



Kellvin Chavez - Founder
El Mayimbe - Writer



Patrick Sauriol - Founder



Berge Garabedian - aka JoBlo


Vic Holtreman  - Founder



Alex Billington - Founder



Ben Pearson - Senior Editor


Joey Paur - Co Founder
Free Reyes - Co Founder


We are actively recruiting more sites and people, stay tuned.

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